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Incumbents running for ANA board

Three incumbent members of the American Numismatic Association board of governors announced their candidacies for re-election to the board.

Dr. Walter Ostromecki told Numismatic News of his plans Nov. 7.

Joe Boling and Wendell Wolka announced their plans in the Nov. 11 edition of MPCGam, an online e-newsletter for collectors of Military Payment Certificates and related numismatic items.

Ostromecki wrote, “After re-reading for the 100th time your editorial some time back about being able to follow Radford Stearns’ example, I have decided to seek re-election to the ANA board in 2009. I truly miss him, his friendship and his wisdom. My ANA efforts seem dwarfed by his perseverance to make a difference, which he did.”

Ostromecki said he has just begun contacting clubs seeking their nominations.

Boling said, “I might as well let the Gramsters be the first to know that I intend to run for the ANA board again (as a governor). I think we who are now on the board can demonstrate that we did indeed bring change to the organization, but we also realize that we are not yet finished with the tasks that presented themselves when we entered office.
You probably know that I will need at least five nominations from individual ANA members, and five nominations from ANA member clubs.”

Wolka wrote, “Like Joe, I intend to run again (for the ANA board). While I think we have accomplished a good deal in two years, there’s still a lot to do before the ‘ship is completely righted’ and I would like to see the task through to completion.”

A link was provided to the ANA election center for those who wanted to learn how to make the nominations Boling was seeking.

The Web address is: www.money.org/Content/NavigationMenu/AboutANA/BoardofGovernors2/ElectionCenter/default.htm.

Filing deadline is March 31, 2009. The election ballots will be mailed to members in a June-July time window.

So far there are no announced candidates for the ANA vice presidential post.

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