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ICTA calls for Mint director resumes

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets wants candidates for the job of U.S. Mint director in the Barack Obama administration to submit their resumes to it by Feb. 13 so that its new candidate review committee can make recommendations to the President.

“We believe it is extremely important that the precious metals/numismatic community be proactive with regard to new leadership at the U.S. Mint,” noted Paul Hollis, chair of the committee and president of Paul Hollis Rare Coins in Mandeville, La.

Hollis was also a Republican primary candidate for U.S. Senate from Louisiana last year.

“This is the coin community’s opportunity to make the new administration aware not only of potential candidates for Mint director but also of the qualities we believe this individual must possess in order to successfully lead the huge manufacturing operation that is our national mint.”

Hollis explained, “Working in concert with the PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild), I am confident we will be able to present for consideration names of very qualified candidates to help the new administration select a candidate that can lead the Mint in successfully performing not only its most basic function of producing circulating coinage at appropriate costs, but also in producing appropriate bullion and collector products that all Americans can be proud of.”

In addition to Hollis, members of the new ICTA Mint Director Committee are Allan Beegle (Liberty Coin Service, Lansing, Mich.), Don Kagin (Kagin’s, Tiburon, Calif.), Terry Hanlon (Dillon Gage, Inc., Addison, Texas), and Diane A. Piret (staff liaison for ICTA, Belle Chasse, La.).

Send resumes to ICTA Executive Director Eloise Ullman. Her e-mail address is eloise.ullman@ictaonline.org. Her telephone number is (410) 626-7005.

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