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ICG announces creation of Presidential dollar holder

In what will likely be the first of many new products designed specifically for the new Presidential dollar coins, Independent Coin Grading has announced the development of a holder that allows the edge of the coin to be visible.

NN0220ICGcase.jpgThis is important because the date, mintmark and the mottoes are incuse on the edge.

According to a spokesperson from ICG, the company believes hiding the mintmark has potential to lead to significant problems for collectors and dealers.  

?The mintmark can greatly influence the value of a coin.? James Taylor, ICG?s chief executive officer, said.  ?If I couldn?t see the mintmark on a 1909-S VDB, I probably would not buy it. The premise is the same with the Presidential dollars.?

To ensure the visibility of the mintmark, the date and the mottoes, ICG has developed the Presidential EdgeVue  Holder. The new holder features a modification in the gasket ? the component that holds the coin in place inside the holder ? which displays more of the edge and allows the viewer to see the details.  

A typical gasket surrounds the coin, securing it in the holder. The new EdgeVue gasket rests the coin on prongs instead. The prongs both hold the coin securely in place and give a clear view of most of the edge.

The newly designed holder also takes into account that the position of the information on the edge will be different on each circulated and business strike coin.  

?While I can?t comment on the details, we were able to design a gasket that displays the mintmark, custom fits each coin and does not disrupt our production line; so turnaround times will be seven days ? guaranteed,? Taylor added. ?We couldn?t be more pleased.?

The Presidential EdgeVue Holder will be used on all Presidential Dollar submission to ICG and is available immediately.  

For more information, visit the ICG Web site at www.icgcoin.com, or contact Paul DeFelice at (877) 221-4424, or customersatisfaction@icgcoin.com.

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