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Huckabee endorses medal set


The Franklin Mint is selling a seven-medal set called the Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection.

Priced at $199.95 the set comes in a hardwood display box with a hard-bound copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Medals, which are coated in gold, feature likenesses of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

The set can be purchased at: www.FranklinMint.com/FoundingFathers.

Endorsing the set is Fox talk show host Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential candidate.

Huckabee answered a number of questions about his endorsement and the set by email.

Why did you decide to endorse this set?
I have enormous respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers, whose vision has stood the test of time. Our founders built this country from the ground up and they exemplify the spirit of American determination. These seven great men have shown us that, when motivated, we can truly accomplish anything.
I want to pass down our special and unique heritage of freedom and tolerance to my children, grandchildren and future generations. I love this coin collection because it will help us in our efforts to remember and honor our roots, which is a critical step in ensuring that we remain a great nation.
Is it a celebrity kind of deal aimed at your own TV audience or is there a wider purpose?
There is absolutely a wider purpose and greater reach for this coin collection. At the end of the day, honoring our Founding Fathers is not about being conservative or liberal – it’s about honoring American history, which is something that should appeal to the patriot in us all.
I joined forces with The Franklin Mint because they are an iconic company with a 50-year legacy of capturing and commemorating important moments in history for future generations to appreciate and treasure their past. They are the best in the business.

Who should consider buying the set? What benefit are they likely to get by owning the set?
This set really appeals to a wide range of people – from the amateur or seasoned coin collector to the history buff to the parent who wants to educate his or her child about our past. This is a gift that could be cherished by anyone who is interested in honoring and sharing the legacy of our Founding Fathers.
Giving this set as a gift is a great way to educate the young Americans in your life on the story of how our country was built. In order to know where you’re going in the future, it is essential to understand where you’ve come from.
If you could pass a message to every coin collector in America, what would it say?
My message is that I honor your devotion to preserving history and commemorating moments in time. We all collect for different reasons, but The Franklin Mint and I, strongly believe that there is a collector in all of us, whether one collects coins, fine china, stamps, or what have you. It is a great hobby and we hope that many coin collectors decide to add the Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection to their collections.

How long is the pre-order period?
The pre-order period is expected to last until Nov 1, 2012.

After the pre-order period ends, will these sets still be for sale? If so, at what price?
Yes, the sets will be available after the pre-order period. Pricing for the product at that time has not yet been finalized.

Can you provide the specific composition?
The Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection, featured in a deluxe high-gloss hardwood display box, is comprised of seven magnificently sculptured coins, coated in 24 karat gold. The set also contains a hard-bound Constitution book, white gloves to handle the coins and a magnifying glass to see the finely crafted details. Additionally, the set includes stories and statistics on each Founding Father as well as a Certificate of Authenticity and a personal note from me.

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