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How many truly collect First Spouse coins?

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How large is the permanent collector base for the First Spouse gold coins? We seem to be getting a good look at it with the current numbers for the Elizabeth Monroe coins. Now that the players in the speculative new issue casino have moved on to other targets, the weekly numbers rise by just modest amounts.

Contrast these numbers to the totals being registered for the Bald Eagle commemoratives. True, the First Spouse coins are more expensive.

Take a look at the 2008 gold proof Eagle column. Last week I managed to put a 2008 date at the top of a column of the final 2007 proof gold Eagle totals. My apologizes. This week the new 2008 gold Eagles make their appearance. Only the platinum proof Eagles now are from 2007 and only the tenth ounce is changing. I would put an asterisk on the totals, but after the on-again, off-again asterisk for the 2007-W silver Eagle below I hesitate. The Mint only indicates the totals are same as last week, not no longer available.



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