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Hollis offers $1 million for 1844-O $5

A unique proof 1844-O $10 gold piece went home to the old mint in New Orleans Nov. 1 and debuted as a special exhibit.

Coin dealer Paul Hollis of Mandeville, La., had arranged with the anonymous Florida owner of the $10 to display it for three months.

It is insured for $2.5 million.

Hollis now is offering a minimum $1 million reward for the gem proof example of the companion proof 1844-O $5.

“The proof half eagle has been off the hobby radar for many years. It reportedly is owned by someone in either Texas or Louisiana. It’s been 97 years since the 1844-O proof half eagle and eagle were together,” said Hollis.

Hollis can be reached at (800) 994-0689. His online address is www.PaulHollis.com.

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