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Hobby on edge

NN0313EDGE.jpgCheck your George Washington dollars. Coins missing the edge lettering have been discovered and are showing up in some numbers for sale on eBay. Buy It Now prices ranged from $75 apiece to $129 Feb. 28, with more being listed daily.

Collectors living in the Southeast seem to be finding most of the new errors, especially in northern Florida and Georgia. However, they are not the only ones.

Hobbyist Jeff Swindling reported getting a roll of 25 of the new dollars. Five of the coins had the plain edge. He got the roll Feb. 23 at Wachovia Bank in Gainesville. He also provided a photograph.

Yorkville, Ill., reader Mike Heiman reported Feb. 19 finding five plain-edge Washington dollars in a roll.

All or most of the new plain-edge errors are coming from the Philadelphia Mint, meaning most of the population of the country has a shot at finding the coins.

With a January mintage of 124,740,000, the Philadelphia Washington coins may exist in large numbers with a plain edge, but it will take time for the hobby to get a sense of the scarcity of the error.

If you find one of these errors, e-mail david.harper@fwpubs.com.

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