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Higher end gold coins get hit

Gold and silver are down slightly, two percent and one percent, respectively, while platinum is up nearly two percent. The all important premiums on bullion-related items are all moderate with the exception of those products that the Mint is currently not producing. U.S. type gold is relatively constant with increases in the ever popular $5 and $10 Indians in choice to gem.

The rest of the market is eagerly awaiting Whitman’s Baltimore Expo results. My feeling is that at this time of the year a moderate show is the best we can expect. Others are biting their nails worrying about the effects of the economy and there are some current apparent effects. Several higher priced (10K and up) early and rare date gold issues have softened with prices on a few dozen down 5-10 percent. A few of the key Saint-Gaudens issues have had some minor downward corrections as well.

Contrary to the gold issues, the three key Indian cents are up across the chart, while Lincoln cents remain active with a few adjustments either way. In fact, all copper issues are generally on the strong side.

In the area of 20th century type coins, higher grade (MS-64+) common date issues such as Barbers and Standing Liberty quarters have come down a bit. Eighteenth century type remains strong with mid-grade halves and dollars increasing slightly.

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