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High Wire Rim dime found in set

A nifty dime error has been reported by Numismatic News reader Rob Garfinkle.

It was found in a 2018-S silver reverse proof set.

It is visually quite striking, don’t you think?

The high wire rim that is seen especially at the right side of the photograph is also called finning, as the coin was struck under higher-than-normal pressure with a die that was slightly tilted out of place.

Already it has been sent in to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation for authentication and grading.

The label notes that the coin has a High Wire Rim.

A grade of PR69 has been assigned.

Naturally, Mr. Garfinkle wants to know what it might be worth.

That is a standard question.

At this point, though, it is too early to provide an answer.

We have to find out how many of these errors there are.

Markets do things that at first glance might seem a little strange.

Errors like doubled dies that involve thousands of coins are more highly valued by error collectors than one-of-a-kind, random chance errors.

This dime falls into the latter category.

That does not mean it has no value, but a one-of-a-kind error does not earn a listing in the price guides.

I forwarded the images sent to me to Ken Potter, who is the error expert for Numismatic News.

He wrote to Mr. Garfinkle: “From what I can see of the pics, it appears to be dominant on one side of the reverse as one can see in the third picture. In my opinion, this is probably due to being struck under higher than normal pressure with a slightly tilted die …”

Potter raised another point of interest here:

“This coin seems to suggest that the coins were struck with the reverse die in the hammer die position, as most all the finning I have seen on coins occurs along the rim on the obverse.

“The U.S. Mint has been striking the States and ATB quarters with the reverse die in the hammer position, so I would not be particularly surprised to learn they have done it with other coins in recent years, and in fact there is some evidence that they have at least for some Lincoln cents in the 1990s.”

That takes care of this coin for the moment.

However, as we wait for more reverse proof sets to be examined, we should remind ourselves that NGC previously found the light finish reverse proofs a couple of months ago.

We have to wonder about the Mint’s quality control for the 2018-S silver reverse proof set.

If it was not as good as it should be, there will be more errors to be found among the 200,000 sets.

I’ll bet many of them are still unexamined by their owners. How about yours?


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7 Responses to High Wire Rim dime found in set

  1. robertgregory says:

    Thanks for the write-up and explanation about the coin. We will have to wait and see if other errors show up. I will tell you, in doing research, I saw a reverse proof dime sold on eBay a few years ago, with a scar across Roosevelt’s face, sold for $2100.00.

    I’m no coin expert by any stretch, but your comment about U.S. mint quality control rings a bell, as I am not impressed with the quality either. I have purchased a few coins from the U.S. mint, some have looked dreadful, not errors per se, just shoddy minting. I’ve returned a few 5oz silver ATB’s. And, the reverse finish on some of the 2018 quarters / half dollars are spotty – i.e. missing the finish… I don’t see that as an error. It’d kinda be like a bad paint job on a car coming off the assembly line.

  2. koinpro says:

    I gotten reports on three so far but only saw a pic of one. The one so far is not as high as this one but it is one.
    Ken Potter

    • robertgregory says:

      So, what does this mean, as more errors show up? I assume, still, this falls under the “latter” case you describe in the article, or does it? The “Light Finish” half dollar error, sometimes is marked as variety. Is it true that PCGS is not recognizing the half dollar light finish as an error? why?

      I have seen a couple of errors on ebay, one quarter that seems to have a mint mark error, and an entire set with a plethora of errors.

    • robertgregory says:

      I’d like to see another example of the high wire rim?

  3. koinpro says:

    I gotten reports on three so far but only saw a pic of one. The one so far is not as high as this one but it is one.
    Ken Potter

  4. koinpro says:

    I gotten reports on three so far but only saw a pic of one. The one so far is not as high as this one but it is one.
    Ken Potter

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