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Heritage slates Dauer Australian notes

An entire session of Heritage Auctions’ Sept. 5-11 Long Beach World Currency Signature Auction will be devoted to the sale of Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer’s bank note collection of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The 200+ lots comprising the sale bring something more to the auction block than the contents of a conventional type collection. The notes on offer provide the plate notes for recent editions of “Renniks Australian Coin and Banknote Values” as well as many of the illustrations in the Dauers’ book “Australian History 1901 to 2001 As Seen Through Banknotes.”

All notes are PMG graded and sourced to the Dauer Collection. Many are the finest known in the PMG census.

The range of Australian items on offer starts with two examples of pound notes from private Australian banks superscribed in 1910 for use as issues of the new Commonwealth. It then segues into the first distinctive issue of that Commonwealth: the ten shillings of 1913 (P-1A, P-3).

The remainder of the Commonwealth pre-decimal series is represented in detail and includes replacement (star) issues. The catalog concludes with a representative collection of Australian decimal pre-polymer issues from 1966-1991.

Presentation example with red serial number of Australia’s first 10 shillings note (P-1Ac; R-1a; McD-2). It is to be offered in Heritage Auctions’ September Long Beach sale of the Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer collection with a likely estimate of $150,000. (Image courtesy www.ha.com)

A top-priced item of the catalog could well prove to be one of the red serial-numbered presentation notes from the first 10 shillings issue. Note #000086 is on offer (P-1Ac; R-1a; McD-2). It comes accompanied by its presentation letter, to which the note was originally pinned! Graded a desirable PMG About Uncirculated 53, it will carry an estimate of $140,000-160,000.

There is at least one example of each of the remaining 1913 and 1914-18 series notes, £1-£100 (P-1B to P-9), in the sale. For many of these, the latest edition of SCWPM gives six-figure values for XF grades.

One of nine known first issue Commonwealth of Australia £100 notes signed by Cerutty/Collins that have a Z serial suffix (P-9b; R-69a; McD-96). In the sale, it will carry an estimate in the region of $80,000 graded PMG Very Fine 30. (Image courtesy www.ha.com)

Notable are two Cerutty/Collins £100 notes, one with serial suffix Z (P-9b; R-69a; McD-96) and the other with serial prefix Z (P-9c; R-69b; McD-97). Both come graded PMG Very Fine 30. Just nine are known of P-9b and 14 of P-9c.

There are three £50 notes: (P-8b; R-67a; McD-91), (P-8c; R-67b; McD-92), and (P-8d; R- 67c; McD-93). Grades range from PMG Very Fine 25 to Very Fine 30 EPQ. Two are known of P-8b and four, possibly five, of P-8c.

The scarce £20 (P-7c; R-65b; McD-89) is represented by a single lot. It comes in collectable PMG Very Fine 25.

Arguably the finest-known example of an English, Scottish and Australian Bank £1 originally dated 1 September 1894 that was overprinted AUSTRALIA NOTE in the early days of WWI (P-1B; R-19; McD-32). In PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45, it will likely carry an estimate in the range of $80,000+. (Image courtesy www.ha.com)

From the early days of WWI, there is a delightful PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 example of an English, Scottish and Australian Bank £1 originally dated 1 September 1894 but overprinted AUSTRALIA NOTE (P-1B; R-19; McD-32). Unlike the 1910-1913 overprints, that of 1914 had two rather than three serial numbers.

For those into replacement notes this is the sale to score high-grade examples of some Aussie rarities. The most sought-after will likely prove to be the brown 10 shillings star note of the 1954-60 issue (P-29r; R-16s; McD-24s). This is the one with Matthew Flinders at right. Graded PMG Choice Uncirculated 63, they don’t come much better than this.


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  1. IndoHound says:

    This will undoubtedly be a great sale.

    For price guidance the recent auction of the Caldwell Collection sales results should be consulted. This is the greatest collection offered for auction sale since the Nicholson Collections sales in the mid to late 90s. The Caldwell Collection was successfully sold by Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia on the 2nd of August 2018.

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