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Heritage Platinum Night Preview

Heritage Auctions’ Platinum Night® world coin sale conducted each year at ANA’s World’s Fair of Money has become an institution in its own right. This year’s event in August is already set to match those of Platinum sales past. Given the current buoyancy of the world coin market it is to be expected that new records will be set in both total-realized and prices of individual coins.

The catalog is still a work in progress but a preview brochure has given a glimpse of some of the remarkable pieces that will be offered.

For your reporter one item leapt out: an unpublished medallion of 4.5 solidi minted in Siscia for Constans, 337-350 CE (35mm, 20.12 g). This is the companion piece to the Constantius II 4.5 solidi RIC VIII 128.

One for the Imperial Roman collector: the unpublished 4.5 solidi medallion of Constans (337-350 CE) minted in Siscia and companion piece to the Constantius II 4.5 solidi RIC VIII 128. It will be offered at Heritage Auctions’ Platinum Night® world coin sale at this year’s ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago. (Images courtesy Heritage Auctions.)

The obverse carries the legend: CONSTANS-AVGVSTVS about a diademed draped and cuirassed bust of the co-emperor.

The reverse shows two Victories holding a wreath inscribed VOT / X / MVL / XX in four lines and enclosed in the legend VICTORIAE D D N N AVGG with SIS flanked by palm fronds in exergue.

Graded NGC AU 5/5 – 2/5 this rarity is ex-mount with but minor damage.

From a thousand years after Constans, but some 650 years before the present, comes a most desirable MS64 NGC, Anglo-Gallic pavilion d’or of the legendary Black Prince, eldest son of King Edward III. Likely struck in Bordeaux this is an outstanding historic item.

Anglo-Gallic hammered gold from The Hundred Year’s War: obverse of superb pavilion d’or of Edward the Black Prince (1330-1376) that comes graded MS64 NGC. (Image courtesy Heritage Auctions.)

The obverse shows the robed prince standing within a Gothic portico and tressure of arcs. The surrounding legend reads ED PO GnS REG AnGL PnCS AQI [Edward first born of the King of England Prince of Aquitaine]. The reverse proclaims the psalm: DnS AIVTO Z PTECIO Me Z IIPO SPAVIT COR mEVm B [The Lord is my strength and my shield, and my heart hath trusted him].

Those needing to fill a gap in their English hammered gold might like to check out a high grade (MS64 NGC) double crown of ten shillings from the days of the Commonwealth (S-3210). The 1653 date may not be the rarest among these double crowns but this coin’s quality sets it apart.

High-grade Commonwealth double crown of ten shillings of 1653 with sun mm (S-3210). It will be offered in (MS64 NGC). (Images courtesy Heritage Auctions.)

Just one example is possible from the multitude of attractive ancients: a superior, NGC AU★ 5/5 – 5/5, Thraco-Macedonian silver octodrachm struck by the Bisaltae tribe c. 480-465 BCE i.e. after this region had been annexed by Alexander I. The obverse displays a naked hunter carrying two spears standing discreetly behind his bridled steed.

Rare in this grade: obverse of choice Thraco-Macedonian silver octodrachm of the Bisaltae c. 480-465 BCE that comes in a superior, NGC AU★ 5/5 – 5/5. (Image courtesy Heritage Auctions.)

With British gold currently attracting top dollar around the globe one coin is sure to be among top-selling modern milled gold: a George V Silver Jubilee 1935 ‘rocking-horse’ proof crown (KM-842b; S-4050). Just 28 of these were struck in gold. That on offer comes in PR65 Deep Cameo PCGS. A similar example was sold by Heritage for $20,700 in 2004 graded PR63 PCGS. What price 15 years on and two notches higher in the PCGS ratings will this coin realize?

Desirable modern British milled gold: one of just 28 proofs struck in gold of George V’s Jubilee 1935 crown (KM-842b; S-4050). It will go to the block in a superb PR65 Deep Cameo PCGS. (Image courtesy Heritage Auctions.)


Among other items in the brochure are:

an Orange Free State proof pattern kroon of 1887 in PR64 NGC;

a Lucerne Canton gold 10 ducat of 1714-HL in MS63 NGC;

a Bavarian 3 mark of Ludwig III dated 1918D in MS64 NGC;

a Milanese gold 2 ducato of Ludovico Maria Sforza (1494-1500) in MS61 NGC;

a gold quadrupla (4 scudi d’oro) of Innocent XII dated 1694 Anno IIII in MS62+ NGC;

and much much more!


Of course this year’s Platinum Night® also features the magnificent Cook Collection of Canadian coins plus the Cape Coral Collection of German 3 mark.

Detailed descriptions, grades and estimates of all these and the many other lots on offer will be posted online at www.HA.com in the next few weeks.

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