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Happy ending in shop crash

crashConnecticut dealer Ed Zehall had a close call recently when a van came crashing through the front door of his shop.

It wasn’t a smash-and-grab theft attempt, but a medical problem that affected the 77-year-old woman who was driving.

Zehall and an employee could have been in the doorway, except they had returned to the back office to help out with a printer problem.

“If I had not gone back to check the problem with the printer, the sales rep and I would have been in the doorway when the minivan came crashing through,” he said.

The van driver also escaped with nothing but a slight bloody nose from the airbag deployment, Zehall said.

After closing for repairs, the Valley Coins of Seymour, Conn., was again welcoming customers on Nov. 1.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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  1. Impala69 says:

    What was the happy ending? I was expecting to hear that the woman was bringing in a rare coin to sell or something.

    Also, is this an old article from last year…since it’s not November 1st yet?

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