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Guam sales by any other name still strong

I have been writing about Guam quarters for the past two issues all the while neglecting to change the header on the Guam quarter section in the table below. Doh, as Homer Simpson would say. The Puerto Rico header has at last been retired. Sorry. My thanks go to Dave O’Brien for giving me the nudge in the ribs to change it.

Guam sales numbers seem to be registering strongly. The 100-coin bags from the Philadelphia and Denver mints are both up by nearly 2,000. The sales track so closely that it almost seems like all buyers are taking one of each. The “P” was up by 1,997 and the “D” was up by 1,971.

It is official. The Mint has formally declaring an end to its American Eagle bullion coin allocation system. That means the numbers in the box at right are simply the number sold. The Mint has an additional working inventory, which when sold will show up in the weekly sales numbers.

The Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20 saw an additional 650 sold this week. Will this rate pick up with Mint advertisements appearing in general interest magazines? We will see.

The 18-coin clad 2009 proof set expanded its sales total by 81,947. It has not yet caught up with the four-coin Presidential proof set, but it has surpassed the six-quarter clad set.

The running total for last year’s state quarter First Day Covers are shoe-horned in at upper this week.

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