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Grape Creek on Internet

Robert and Gwen Wilson have started a new Internet business, Wilson?s Grape Creek Enterprises, LLC.

They offer numismatic items such as low-numbered notes, radars, repeaters, autographed notes, star notes, uncut currency, U.S. Mint related items, reproduction coins and collector supplies.

Computer mouse pads with pictures of coins or currency on them, perhaps even specially numbered notes, are among the specialty products.

The firm?s Web site can be seen at  www.gccurrencyplus.com. Purchases can be made through the site.

For more information about the firm, call (217) 267-2945, e-mail wlsgrck@juno.com or write to Wilson?s Grape Creek Enterprises, P.O. Box  6015, Champaign, IL 61826-6015.

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