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Grading workshops offered

BizWorkshopA.jpgWant to learn about coin grading?

Independent Coin Grading is offering free, interactive, hands-on coin grading workshops April 28-29 at the Central States Numismatic Society?s convention in Columbus, Ohio.

The workshops will be held at ICG?s show booth and will allow visitors to test their knowledge of coin grading and compare it to the experts.

ICG will have four tests available for collectors and dealers. Each test will consist of 10 coins which participants will have the opportunity to grade at the ICG booth.  ICG graders will be available to immediately go over results in  one-on-one discussions regarding wear, luster, marks, strike, eye-appeal, and other characteristics. 

The goal will be to provide each participant with more tools for their personal grading and insight into how a professional third-party grader thinks.
Participants will be taken throughout each day on a first-come, first-served basis.

?ICG has always considered education as the foundation for enjoyment in numismatics,?  said ICG founder and senior grader, Keith Love.
ICG graders have taught classes at the ANA?s Summer Seminar. This summer, senior numismatist J.P. Martin is teaching counterfeit detection for the 23rd year in a row and grader Cameron Kiefer is scheduled to teach Advanced Grading. Michael Fahey, ICG Senior Numismatist, has taught several classes at Summer Seminar.

BizWorkshopB.jpgFahey said, ?To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever been offered in the past.?

An evaluation of the participant?s grades will not only include a comparison to ICG?s grades, but also a few minutes time to spend with a grader for grading tips and questions. Participants will also be entered into a free drawing with giveaways including up to 100 free coins graded by ICG.

For more information about the Free, Interactive Grading Workshop or about ICG contact Paul DeFelice at (877) 221-4424 or customersatisfaction@icgcoin.com.

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