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Good result, but someone missing

The Long Beach Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Expo held Sept. 10-12 was made noteworthy by those who were not there, said Coin Market editor Harry Miller.

“Business was good, but the middle range customer was lacking, the customer that spends between $25 and several hundred dollars,” Miller said. “The bigger customers were there and they were spending, selective, but spending.”

Miller said overall attendance was good.

“I thought the public attendance was at least normal if not better.”

He explained that gold over $1,000 was also interesting.

“The dealers were buying gold and really scarfing it up, but in a lot of cases the public was unaware,” he said.

Expo Chairman Ron Gillio said attendance was boosted Saturday by a local news story in the Chinese Daily News about to two gold bars from the Central America put on display by Monaco Rare Coins.

He also reported that a coin thief was arrested by security on the floor and coins in his possession were returned to nine dealers.

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