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Goldsmith starts new firm

GoldsmithStephen1107bwr1.jpgStephen L. Goldsmith has formed a new numismatic company called American Paper Money & Coin, LLC.

He served as auction director and later executive vice president at Smythe from 1985 through his resignation in August 2007.

?My wide range of responsibilities at Smythe prevented me from working with clients on a close and personal level, and that?s exactly what I do best,? Goldsmith said. ?I feel strongly that American Paper Money & Coin, LLC, can focus in on fewer clients, and I will be able to provide them with the highest possible level of service.?

The new company, based in Woodmere, N.Y., will buy and sell a wide range of paper money, coins, collectible stocks and bonds, and other items relating to financial history. APMC will also provide consulting services to individuals, dealers and institutions, as well as personal representation for both buying and selling at auction.

?Optimum results are obtained by placing an auction consignment with the right auction company, and by negotiating a favorable auction contract. … Having negotiated auction contracts for more than 20 years, and I can certainly be a valuable resource in these situations,?? he said.

APMC will also provide institutions with consulting services that will help write, design and mount educational exhibits.

Goldsmith got his start in numismatics in the late 1950s and has been involved with numismatics throughout his adult life.

?I am currently in an acquisition mode, and I already have some very nice material in inventory, so please look for my Web site,? Goldsmith said.
His new Web site, BestPaperMoney.com, is scheduled to launch within the next few weeks. 

Goldsmith may be reached at telephone (917) 604-8823, or via e-mail to goldsmith1909@yahoo.com.

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