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Long Beach Expo results are in and generally positive. There were a few exceptions, but most dealers were busy and satisfied. Public attendance was good while dealer attendance was on the light side. Many dealers did not come because the American Numismatic Association convention was only four weeks earlier and only a half hour away, but collectors who did not want to go to downtown LA came to Long Beach.

Metals contributed to a stronger show. There was much enthusiasm when gold closed at $1,005 on Friday during the show. Gold is now decisively over that mark and appears to have entered a new trading range, or as some are saying, it has expanded its current range. Silver has definitely broken out along with platinum and supplies of these two are very tight in coin form.

The premiums on all the bullion related issues old and new continue strong and in several issues have increased again. First Spouse issues are now appearing on some want lists at a few percent premium for the first time since right after they were issued.

Type coins remain active and steady, with early copper very strong. This is especially true after the Goldbergs’ auction of the first million dollar cent. There is some increased availability of the key and semi-key Lincolns, but when discounted slightly they seem to go away quickly.

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