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Gold market price rise threatens Unc. Eagles

The world market price of gold leaped into record territory over $950 per ounce in New York intraday trading Feb 21, having closed the day prior at $934.60. Will the U.S. Mint pull uncirculated 2007 gold American Eagles off sale for price adjustments?

We?ve previously noticed that when gold?s market price gets within about $100 of the one-ounce Unc. Eagle price, the sales are suspended. On Feb. 21, the Unc. gold Eagle is available at $1,045.95.

Before an e-mail snafu prevented me from accessing all of this week?s statistics, I?d noted the 2008 Bald Eagle commem numbers. They are updated this week, as are the Dolley Madison First Spouse gold $10 figures, all as of Feb. 18. The American Buffalo Celebration Coin had toted sales of 5,925 since going on sale Feb. 5.



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