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Gold coin supplies rise a bit

There is a slightly more available supply of the various popular issues of bullion items, but by no means sufficient to calm the market. Fractional gold eagles have shown increases because of curtailed Mint production with especially high premiums on the tenth-ounce version. In Baltimore at the recent Whitman coin expo, one aggressive dealer was paying $120 per tenth-ounce gold American Eagle. A few astute traders found some on the bourse as low as $99 and quickly turned a handsome profit. By Saturday the market on them was $120 bid, $130 ask.

The rest of the activity in Baltimore was on the slow side except for Saturday, which was busy with active trading, although still somewhat selective. Most buyers are being very careful unless they find exactly what they are looking for and yet at the same time there is a noticeable number of larger sales of big ticket items by those who are concerned about the value of their dollars.

There has been a good deal of recent activity in key dates with especially notable gains in key Indian cents and the venerable 1909-S VDB. On the other hand, it seems as if the bloom is off the rose with the highest grade early Washington quarters, as many in MS-64 and higher have fallen in price. I guess the registry set boys have left for greener pastures.

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