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Gold coin honors veterans

Paper money may come and it may go, but gold is forever. You know that gold retains its value for thousands of years, but how do you teach others to appreciate it as you do and learn the truth of it?

Valor also is an eternal virtue as familiar to a proud Roman legionnaire or a military veteran of today.

Palau has combined the two concepts in a coin that contains a half gram of .9999 fine gold. On one side the gold glitters with the country’s coat of arms, 2008 date and $1 face value, giving it legal tender status.

The reverse is simply a poppy – a symbol known to veterans and their organizations. It’s rich red color is more eloquent than words.

No words are necessary to convey the meaning just as none are needed to convey the value of gold itself.

To buy one for yourself or a loved one for the special price of $49.99, go to www.shopnumismaster.com, and click on the photo. Shipping is free in the United States.

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