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Gold type coins, small issues strong

Sometimes the precious metals markets amaze me. This last week seems like a much longer span when I consider the range of trading and market activity.

Gold, while looking weaker, is actually up about 1/2 percent since last week and platinum up a dollar. Silver is more interesting this week because it is up a dollar, and at 1/45 the price of platinum that is a nice move.

In reaction to recently higher prices, the Mint has raised the price of proof silver eagles which in turn had an immediate reaction in the wholesale market of a $5 bid increase on older issues.

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U.S. type coins are relatively quiet with minor downward adjustments in AU Seated dollars and Mint State late date Seated dimes. These are probably the result of some dealer or dealers returning from the ANA show with unsold inventory and offering them wholesale at a few percent price reduction.

Morgan dollars have shown increase in MS-60 through MS-64 with a slight reduction in the MS-65 grade.

Gold type coins are very active with prices changing daily and even hourly when there are extreme fluctuations in bullion.
Circulated small gold issues have gotten particularly strong over the last two weeks, check the chart.

The coin market remains very viable and market sentiment is strong with no signs of the proverbial bubble.

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