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Gold type coins regain some premium

Precious metals are in a more steady trading market with a continuing upward bias. Gold is up almost 1 percent this week while silver is up over 1 percent and platinum is right at 2 percent with stronger oil prices. Troubles in Europe continue to be the dominating factor along with stronger than expected economic numbers out of China. India has increased its import tax on gold to try to curb that market.

Gold type coins have shown some positive activity as buyers gain confidence with increasing bullion levels. The Liberty and Indian eagles have regained a modest amount of premium along with the double eagles. At current levels the Indian $10 seems a really good buy.

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Early copper issues are a real bright spot. Coronet Head large cents are particularly active followed by the early small cent issues. Flying Eagle cents are hot in AU and better grades. The always difficult to find large Capped Bust quarters are also very active in the higher circulated grades.

In the better date type issues the 1909-S VDB has declined in mid-circulated grades along with the 1955 doubled-die cent. Both these issues were overpromoted prior to the financial crisis. Exactly the opposite story can be told for the better date 3-cent silver issues of the late 1870s and early 1880s where demand has always outstripped supply. Most other key date type issues continue to be in strong demand, but the highly promoted issues are selling more slowly.

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