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Gold, Silver Dip Impacting American Eagles

The hobby and business of coins continue on a relatively flat plain. Prices remain healthy, but selling within a tight range. Investors are sparse. There are questions regarding if new collectors are entering the field or not. The future of physical currency remains in question.

The U.S. Mint issued about 22.9 percent more coinage in October than it did one month earlier, but 16.4 percent less than it produced in October 2018. At the same time, Federal Reserve banks have stopped ordering half dollars and Native American dollar coins. The good news behind this is that the Fed still purchased circulation strike coins of these two denominations for collectors, indicating there is still serious collector demand for these and likely other current yet collectible coins.

The spot price of both gold and silver has declined recently, but appears to have settled into a new if lower trading range. This is influencing the price of many bullion-impacted collectible coins as well as all gold and silver American Eagles. Scarce to rare coins remain above the fray but aren’t setting any new records, either.

There has been some saber rattling recently regarding if coins encapsulated as First Strikes, accompanied by an autograph, and as other forms of modern grade rarities are a fad rather than a long-term collectible worthy of long-term interest. It may be becoming an oft-repeated phrase, but buy the coin, not the slab.

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One Response to Gold, Silver Dip Impacting American Eagles

  1. Colt_45 says:

    In my humble opinion young collectors are afraid of numismatics in fear of being ripped off and the mountain of material to understand prior to making a well informed decision on a purchase. I see multiple people selling counterfeits and getting away with it, shopgoodwill, ebay, Chinese etc. perhaps if more of these people are reported it may slow down their progress in the market (once bitten twice shy) Many new collectors think there is fast money to be made and they do not even consider the fact that they can make a profit and they can build a nice collection in the process, it does take some time, research and effort. The US Mint releases in 2019 are inconsistent and seem to favor a limited amount of buyers that can promise any certain coin before it is even released, the most recent enhanced reverse silver eagle is a perfect example, I was not on the US Mint website (switched to a mirror website) when I was directed to complete the purchase in the first 15 seconds and their service supposedly crashed? Therefore I will no longer be purchasing US Mint products after the 3rd time this happened in 2019. I’ve seen very discouraging remarks on different coin blogs directly pointing to new people in the hobby and I believe that’s a big problem aside from the fact that we live in a plastic society and that on its own has dire effects on the numismatics hobby. Please help me and report the nefarious sellers to the proper authorities, it can be done and will help!

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