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Franklin orders to start Jan. 17

BFranklin-Founding_Proof_Obv.jpgThe special pre-order discount period for the two Benjamin Franklin commemorative silver dollar starts Jan. 17 and runs to March 14. During that time, the proof versions of the silver dollars  will be offered at $35 each, with the uncirculated versions going for $33.

A young portrait called ?Scientist? is on one coin and an older portrait called ?Founding Father? is on the other.

No more than 500,000 of all of these two designs in proof and uncirculated and in other packaging options will be minted.

The Mint anticipates starting shipment of the commemoratives near the end of the pre-order issue period. After March 14, the proof silver dollars will be priced at $39 each and the uncirculated versions will be priced at $35.
Two sets will also feature the Franklin silver dollars.

The Benjamin Franklin Coin & Chronicles Set goes on sale Jan. 17. Priced at $65 each, the set contains a uncirculated silver ?Scientist? Franklin version dollar, a collection of four newly released stamps from the U.S. Postal Service, a reproduction of Poor Richard?s Almanack from the Government Printing Office, and an intaglio print honoring Franklin?s contributions to the Declaration of Independence. The Mint will begin shipping this set in April, after the official release of the stamps featured in the set.

Secondly, a ?Founding Father? Franklin proof silver dollar will be included in the 2006 U.S. Mint American Legacy Collection. This set will also contain a proof version of the second commemorative coin program for 2006, if there is one. The American Legacy Collection will be available later this year. No pricing or ordering information is available at this time.

BFranklin-Scientist_Proof_Obv.jpgThe ?Scientist? version features a younger Franklin. It celebrates the success of his experiments with electricity in June of 1752.

Reflecting an older, more mature Franklin, the ?Founding Father? version honors his achievements as a patriot and statesman.

Customers can begin ordering the commemorative coins Jan. 17 at noon EST by using the Mint?s secure Web site, www.usmint.gov, or by calling (800) USA-MINT (872-6468).

A shipping and handling fee of $4.95 will be added to all domestic orders.

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