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Four seniors honored in Cupertino

Four graduating high school seniors were recognized with engraved medallions May 11 at the Cupertino, California, Coin Club’s monthly meeting by Lloyd G. Chan of the Northern California Numismatic Association.

The four seniors were recognized for their dedication and enthusiasm for both the Cupertino Coin Club and the world of money that comprises the numismatic hobby.

Honoring four high school seniors, left to right, Donald L. Hill and Michael S. Turrini extend congratulations from the Northern California Numismatic Association to Matthew Malvini, Granville B. Goza, Justin D. Blumstein and Alex Trigonis. Emile Mestressat III presided over the Cupertino Coin Club meeting.

Honored were Justin D. Blumstein, an Eagle Scout and high school marching band member; Granville B. Goza, nick-named “G5,” also an Eagle Scout and working toward a private pilot’s license; Matthew Malvini, a star track and field athlete; and Alex Trigonis, another Eagle Scout who has progressed to Assistant Scoutmaster.

Also honored but unable to attend was Pano Roumeliotis, another marching band participant and local hospital volunteer.

These seniors have served on the club’s board of dwirectors, shared show ‘n’ tells, worked the club’s annual coin shows, been auction runners, and provided setup and cleanup support for the meetings.

All have an active and avid collecting interest even to developing specialties.

“We are certainly proud of these five youth members, now emerging young men, soon to graduate and continue in higher education. They have been major assets for, and assistants at, our club these past few years, including serving on our club’s board of directors and giving programs. Their honors are rightly earned,” said Emile “A.J.” Mestressat, Cupertino Coin Club’s current president.

“One of the goals of the Northern California Numismatic Association is to encourage and to excite our hobby, and awards and honors as was bestowed is a step in that direction,” said Michael S. Turrini, current NCNA treasurer and editor, who represented President Chan at the meeting.

Accompanying Turrini was Donald L. Hill, NCNA’s secretary, who assisted in the recognition. “I echo the prior comments. These kids are our hobby’s future,” he said.

For information about northern California organized numismatics, email EMPERORI@juno.com or check online at www.solanocoinclub.com.


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