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Flushing Coin Club visits ANS

On June 5 the Flushing Coin Club visited the American Numismatic Society on 75 Varick Street in downtown Manhattan in New York, N.Y.

Members were able to view a selection of coins from ANS’ collection.

The club reports that members were “overwhelmed” with the scope of the collection.

“They only began to understand the size when they were told they couldn’t ask to see ‘early American coins’ or ‘large cents’ or even ‘Matron Heads’ but had to limit their request to a single year of a specific type coin – and then the ANS staff showed up with a trayful of samples,” according to the club’s report. “It was very impressive.”

Among the coins the club was able to view were U.S. patterns and the 1793 large cent collection.

Bob Hoge, who was formerly in charge of the American Numismatic Association Money Museum and is now the ANS curator, provided background on the coins.

Of the 1793 large cent tray, the club said, “The special stories that Bob told of suspected theft and ultimate recovery of one of the coins gave this particular tray a life beyond the coin metal itself.”

For more information, contact the Flushing Coin Club at P.O. Box 754008, Parkside Station, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

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