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Florida find to go to FUN

A French gold ecu au soleil of 1565 recovered by metal detectorists on the site of a French settlement in Florida in the 1970s will be exhibited Jan. 5-8, 2006, at the Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando.

Had the settlement of La Caroline on the St. John River not been destroyed by the Spanish in 1565, it might now be known as the oldest permanent European settlement in the United States instead of St. Augustine.

Instead, a few relics, including this gold coin struck in Rouen tell the story of a Huguenot colony that was burned out with most of the residents killed.

The coin was brought over in a relief expedition the year after the colony was established in 1564.

Owned by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, the coin is for sale. Agent for possible sale is Bob Hurst, who is placing the FUN exhibit. He can be reached at forvm@cfl.rr.com, by telephone at (321) 427-6474. His address is P.O. Box 5506, Titusville, FL 32783. 

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