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First Spouse designs released


First Spouse gold coin designs for 2008 include two depicting 19th century coin designs because the wives of the Presidents had died before they had taken office.

Elizabeth Monroe will appear on the first 2008 First Spouse coin, companion piece to the James Monroe Presidential dollar. The dollar coin is set for a Feb. 14 release.

Prices of the First Spouse coins will depend on the price of gold at the time of issue. They contain one-half troy ounce of .9999 fine gold. The carry a face value of $10, making them legal tender.

VanBurenLibA-c.jpgThe coins are issued at approximate three-month intervals.
Louisa Adams will appear on the second issue.

monroe.jpgThe third issue will feature a Capped Bust half dollar design by John Reich used 1807-1836. Andrew Jackson himself will appear on the reverse. Jackson?s wife Rachel died in December 1828, just prior to Jackson?s March 1829 swearing in.

For the fourth issue, a Seated Liberty design used 1837-1891 by Christian Gobrecht is featured. Martin Van Buren as a youth appears on the reverse. His wife, Hannah, died in 1819, some 18 years prior to the start of his presidency.

For more information, visit www.usmint.gov.

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