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Fine Arts reviews Frisco designs

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The Commission of Fine Arts reviewed designs of the Old San Francisco Mint coins that will go on sale to collectors in late summer or early autumn. The meeting was held June 15.

For obverse of the $5 gold piece, the commission recommended a 19th century U.S. $20 gold Liberty Head design. 0711cfaf-216_bw.jpgInscriptions are “In God We Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum” and “1906-2006.” To achieve this, the commission took elements from two submitted designs.

The reverse chosen was a view of the Old Mint with twin smokestacks that were later removed. Of the legends on the submitted work, the commission recommended removing that “Circa-1869” portion. The legend “Survived the Great Earthquake and Fire” sums up the purpose of the commemoration.

The commission recommended a Morgan Liberty Head silver dollar design for the obverse of the silver dollar. 0711cfag-216_bw.jpgIt did not like either reverse design submitted and suggested adapting a gold reverse for use. Alternately, it suggested that a better drawing be made of the submitted reverse designs.

Views of Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee were similar.

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