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Fine Arts Commission looks at medals

NN1010cfa-a.jpgTwo medals were the topic of discussion at the Fine Arts Commission meeting Sept. 21.

Little in the way of suggested modifications resulted from this statutory review of the medal designs.

The first medal was to mark the tenure of former Treasury Secretary John Snow. His portrait on obverse and the eagle on reverse passed muster with commission members. They voiced no objections or suggestions.

The second medal, a congressional gold medal for the Tuskegee Airmen, elicited some suggestions for improving the reverse.
The commission suggested that the cloud pattern on the reverse made the design too busy. It was suggested that the cloud be eliminated. Absent that, it was hoped that something could be done to modify the cloud outline to make the design less busy looking and confusing.

The obverse was praised as being very good.

By law, designs for coins and medals must be reviewed by the Fine Arts Commission before they are sent to the Treasury secretary for final approval.

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