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Fine Arts Commission looks at coin designs

Mint0822c.gifGovernment moved so fast to get the new San Francisco Old Mint commemoratives into production that the results of the July 27 Fine Arts Commission meeting to review designs were barely approved in time.

Commission members had no objection to the historical reverse images used on the $5 gold piece and the silver dollar. They also strongly registered their approval for the obverse of the $5 gold piece, though the wording was ultimately changed a bit on the final design
The dissenting voice came with the obverse of the silver dollar. The CFA preferred a straight-on depiction of the Old Mint?s facade rather than the angled image ultimately selected.

The Commission also reviewed designs for the 2007 Little Rock commemorative that marks 50 years of desegregation of that city?s Central High School. For the obverse, they chose a design of the feet of walking students with a suggestion that the stars be removed and the band widened slightly. For the reverse they asked that a full elevation of the front facade be developed with the name of the school below it.

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