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Error dollars excite hobbyists

Reports of errors on the new Washington dollar coins arrived in the Numismatic News office as soon the coins were released.

Most frequently reported by readers was an error that isn?t an error involving the edge lettering. On some coins, the tops of the letters are close to the obverse. On others, the tops of the letters are close to the reverse. This is normal variation. It is not an error. It simply depends on how the individual planchets for circulation strikes get fed into the dies. For proof coins, the tops are always supposed to be near the obverse, but these coins have not yet reached collector hands.

NN0206PresWash.jpgOther errors involving the edge and also die cracks are being examined by Ken Potter for confirmation for Numismatic News.

Illinois collector Bob Feiler said a friend in Arizona who did not want to be identified reported a Washington dollar without edge lettering at all. If it is confirmed, it will truly be a ?Godless? dollar. Normal coins are supposed to have the date, mintmark, ?In God We Trust? and E Pluribus Unum? on the edge.

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