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End of trail for Westward nickel

It?s the end of the line for the Westward Journey Nickel Series.

U.S. Mint products associated with that program and others reportedly went off-sale with the close of 2005.

Ocean in View nickel bags and rolls were taken off the market, due to legislative requirements.

To go with a final sales tally of 310,000 two-roll sets, a total of 12,500 500-coin bags ? 6,500 of the Philadelphia version, and 6,000 of the Denver ? of the nickel were sold at last count. In all, 8,000 1,000-coin bags were sold, including 4,000 each from the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

The 2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series Set is also no longer available. The last known sales figure for the set was 325,000.

Four Official First-Day Coin Covers related to the Westward Journey Nickel Series went off sale, including the ones for the Peace Medal nickel (42,500), the Keelboat nickel (29,750), the Bison nickel (84,000) and the Ocean in View nickel (23,000).

Sales ended for the silver one-ounce 2005 American Eagle proofs due to exhausted inventory. The last known total was 823,000 pieces sold.
Another product that reached the end of availability was the 11-coin 2005 silver proof set, which had a last known sales figure of 998,000.

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