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Encased coins mark Hawaii statehood

Alaska Coin Exchange has issued an encased Hawaii quarter to mark the 50th anniversary of the state.

The obverse of the encasement reads “50 Years of Hawaii Statehood” along with the anniversary date “August 21” and the years 1959 and 2009. The reverse of the encasement is the stock Alaska Coin Exchange design.

Aluminum and brass encasement versions have been produced. Mintages are limited to 400 pieces for the brass and 2,000 for the aluminum.

The brass encased Hawaii quarter is priced at $6 each with a limit of five pieces per household. The aluminum encased quarter is priced at $1.50 each with no order limit
The aluminum ringed quarters may also be ordered in bulk lots at a price of $125 per 100. Postage on all orders is $2.50 regardless of how many coins are purchased.

Send orders to Alaska Coin Exchange, P.O. Box 190655, Anchorage, AK 99519-0655. Orders may also be placed online at www.alaskacoinexchange.com.

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