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Elongateds mark Memorial Day

Elongated coins celebrating Memorial Day 2009 are now available from Brad Ream of Rockville, Ill.

Ream has created five different designs for five different coins: a cent, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. Among the designs is a “Lucky Penny” and sentiments such as “Lest We Forget,” “Support Our Troops” and “Celebrate Memorial Day, May 25, 2009.”

Ream created the designs, engraved the dies and is rolling the coins in the Memorial Day set.

The five-piece set is priced at $10. Postage is included in this total.

To place an order by mail, write Banyas Barnesyarde, 4919 S. Catlin Road, Rockville, IN 47872. Ream’s e-mail address is kbrad@abcs.com.

Ream can also produce custom elongated coins. Contact him for more information.

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