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Elongateds accompany TEC newsletter

Four elongated coins were enclosed in the January – March issue of TEC News, the official newsletter of The Elongated Collectors group.

The TEC governors elongated was designed by Tyler Tyson with the help of Jim Kilcoyne. Tyson rolled the pieces for the last TEC/ANA meet. Holes are punched for the owl’s eyes.

The TEC board elongated coin was designed and funded by TEC President Larry Feit, engraved by Kilcoyne and rolled by Tyson.

The third and fourth elongateds were designed and rolled by Kilcoyne. One honors his newest grandchild, Annabella, who was born in November. The other features a “peace turtle.” It was created from a die belonging to TEC member Nina MacDonald.

Regular annual membership in TEC costs $12. Members receive the quarterly newsletter as well as TEC-issued and member-donated elongateds. The membership form can be found online at www.tecnews.org.

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