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El Paso club gives notes to ship

A donation of World War II paper money has been made by the International Coin Club of El Paso, Texas, to the USS Lexingon Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Notes displayed at the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas, were donated by the International Coin Club of El Paso.

This occurred at the suggestion of club president Jason Elwell.

Back in the spring of 2018, while touring the World War II ship and viewing the many exhibits along its bulkheads, he noticed a few medals and a couple pieces of paper money on display. He snapped some pictures and later shared them at his local coin club meeting.

Elwell suggested that it would be nice to donate some nice uncirculated examples of Japanese paper money to the museum. As part of an educational display, it would be a great way to show the connection between numismatics and history.

A few weeks later, Lifetime Club Member David Chan (owner of El Paso Coins & Collectibles) donated several beautiful uncirculated Japanese paper notes for the museum.

Elwell provided protective sleeves, information about the bills, and postage.

A few months later, Elwell received an email from Cecil Johnson, historian at the museum. Enclosed in the email were pictures displaying the bills. They were part of a new exhibit: “Carrier Row” Third Deck / Tour Route 4. Along with the bills was a note explaining the different types of Japanese paper money used during the war and acknowledgment that they were donated by the International Coin Club of El Paso.

At the December meeting, Elwell did a mini-presentation to share the news about the Japanese bills on display. All involved in the process were recognized with thanks.


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