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Ed Moy holds collector forum

Moy0422color.jpgThe day before the official release of the New Mexico state quarter, Mint Director Ed Moy held a coin forum on April 6. Over 50 people attended what turned out to be a very informative and enjoyable event.

Moy spoke about the Mint?s mission as well as the challenges they face with rising metal prices. He spoke about the massive size of the Mint and the alternatives that are being discussed to reduce the cost of production of cents.  Moy also covered new projects,  such as the high-relief gold coin and the problems that will be associated with its production. 

There was a question and answer period where he showed his real understanding of the Mint and its operation. The forum was informal and Moy went around the room before it began, introducing himself to everyone.  He was especially interested in meeting all of the Young Numismatists in attendance. Moy showed that he is not only a great director, but also that he is a genuinely wonderful person to speak with. He simply sat on the edge of the stage, where he had an open conversation with everyone.

After the event, Moy was available to the media for interviews and he took time to answer individual questions. He also signed proof sets and other items for the public.  He earned a great deal of respect  that afternoon from our coin club members.

If an event such as this is ever in your area, do make an effort to attend. You will learn from it and find that it was time well spent.

Bob Laetare is president of the Albuquerque Coin Club.

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