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Eagle sets inch toward sellouts

There is no sellout yet for the two-coin American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Set featuring 2006-W uncirculated one-ounce gold and silver American Eagle bullion coins.

By Sept. 11, sales totaled 18,025 of a maximum possible of 20,000. This was up by 3,242 in the week. Price of the set is $850. Normally, uncirculated Eagles have no mintmark.

The three-coin American Eagle 20th Anniversary Silver Coin set is far from a sellout. A total of 129,888 have been sold out of a maximum possible of 250,000. This set features three silver Eagles: a regular proof, a reverse proof with frosted fields and mirror high points, and an uncirculated coin. The regular proof and uncirculated coins have a ?W? mintmark and the reverse proof has a ?P.? Cost is $100.

Already sold out are the 10,000 American Eagle 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Sets which feature a proof, reverse proof and uncirculated one-ounce gold coins.

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