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Eagle sales resume

2006-Gold Eagle-proof-obv.jpg 2006-Gold Eagle-proof-rev.jpgThe U.S. Mint resumed selling American Eagle gold proof coins May 18.

Sales were halted temporarily on May 1 due to the increasing market value of gold.

New prices for 2006 proof gold American Eagles are as follows: $885 for a one-ounce coin, $445 for a half-ounce coin, $220 for a quarter-ounce coin, $110 for the tenth-ounce coin and $1,575 for the four-coin set.

Before sales were stopped, the prices were $770 for the ounce, $385 for the half ounce, $200 for the quarter ounce, $100 for the tenth ounce and $1,350 for the four-coin set.

Gold’s per-ounce market price peaked at over $730 an ounce during the sales suspension. It had come back under $700 by May 18.

For more information, visit the U.S. Mint Web site at www.usmint.gov or call (800) USA-MINT (872-6468).

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