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Dutch mark 150 years of Red Cross

A red cross stands out on the common obverse/reverse design of the silver proof 5-euro coin that marks the 150th anniversary of the Dutch Red Cross. (Image courtesy Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt)

This year the Dutch celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Dutch Red Cross in 1867. They are marking the occasion with issue of 5-euro and 10-euro coins.

The common design by Rogier Arents focuses on the global, non-partisan character of the Red Cross. It depicts a tilted globe formed by interconnected crosses. The balanced pattern symbolizes the unity of the Red Cross and its associations worldwide.

At the base of the globe an effigy of King Willem Alexander faces to the right as did the coin effigy of King Willem III, monarch at the time of the founding of the Dutch Red Cross.

Importantly, just like the Red Cross itself, the commemorative coin does not “take sides.” Both the obverse and the reverse show the same design. This is a first for a Dutch commemorative coin.

The ceremonial strike of the first 5 euro took place on June 10. It was conducted by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet.

Apart from a standard uncirculated 5-euro issue, three other versions of the coin are available: a 29 mm, 10.5 g silver-plated copper BU 5 euro; a 33 mm, 15.5 g .925 fine silver 5-euro proof; and a 22.5 mm, 6.72 g .900 fine gold 10-euro proof. Mintages are 12,500, 6,500 and 1,000, respectively.

The design of the silver proof includes one red colored cross.


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