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Don’t miss this bargain

2014 North American Coins & PricesI love a bargain.

Trouble is the clearance racks are usually out of my size, the brand of moisturizer I wear never goes on sale and I don’t care how cheap it is, I do not need a blanket with sleeves.

So when I first stumbled upon North American Coins & Prices, I couldn’t believe it contained all that it did for such a low price. Everyone loves a two-fer deal, but this is a three-fer.

The three for one mix is complete price listings for all coins from the United States, Canada and Mexico. But these aren’t just line listings, included are images for easy identification, multiple grades and details on weight, diameter and composition.

And with the new 2014 North American Coins & Prices, collectors now have three options for how they want to receive that information: a paperback book, a CD that pops into a PC or Mac computer or an e-book that can be downloaded on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Talk about choices!

Krause Publications has been publishing this triple package of coin values for 23 years. It’s a legacy of trusted information and market driven pricing.

Check out the book, CD and e-book today.

This is one bargain you don’t want to miss.

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