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DNW appoints Antiquarian Nigel Mills

Antiquities expert Nigel Mills latest appointment to the Dix Noonan Webb auction team. Image courtesy Dix Noonan Webb.

In May the London auction house of Dix Noonan Webb announce the appointment of antiquities expert Nigel Mills.

He will be working alongside the company’s coin and jewelery departments particularly in the fields of artifacts, ancient and hammered British coins, ancient jewelery and antiquities that are being found in number these days by metal detectorists.

Mills started his career as a mudlark on the Thames when he was fifteen. He spent every spare moment over the next nine years searching for coins and antiquities. He became a coin and antiquity dealer in 1982 operating from antique markets in London.

He went on to publish numerous magazine articles and a series of books on antiquities found in Britain. For many years he has acted as a consultant for a number of auction houses including DNW.

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