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Denver outproduces Philadelphia

Mintages at the U.S. coin production facilities in Philadelphia and Denver continued to set a slow pace in the month of February, with Denver clearly outproducing its eastern counterpart.

Of the approximately one billion coins struck in the first two months of 2009, Denver was striking almost 57 coins for every 43 struck in Philadelphia.

The actual totals were 588,480,000 million coins struck in Denver compared to 444,360,000 produced in Philadelphia for a two-month total of 1,032,840,000 pieces.

Cent production is almost 2-1 in favor of Denver with the totals being 342,400,000 versus 194,400,000. Total production so far of the new Log Cabin reverse design is 536,800,000. Put another way, someone with $5,368,000 could theoretical own all of those cents.

Another coin that has been difficult to acquire on the secondary markets in the usual bag quantities are the District of Columbia quarters. The 210,800,000 quarters struck in the first two months are likely all District of Columbia pieces, and that would represent a drop of almost 60 percent from the total mintage of the last state quarter for Hawaii.

Philadelphia added almost 20 million nickels to its January total to reach a two-month output of 23,040,000 coins. Denver as usual outpaced the “P” mint with 30,240,000 coins.

For dimes, for a change, Philadelphia held the higher production total of 67,500,000 as compared to Denver’s 41,500,000.

There was no additional output of half dollars or golden dollars in February.

Presidential dollar totals jumped by over 40 million in February. Denver produced 63,140,000 pieces and Philadelphia struck 48,440,000.

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