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Denver nickels continue climb

The Denver nickel production surprise of June got a little bigger in the month of July when another 6,960,000 coins ran off the presses, bringing the 2009 total to 46,800,000.

But as was the case in June, Philadelphia struck no additional nickels in July. In fact, Philadelphia struck only 151,600,000 cents in July and 1,960,000 Presidential dollars and called it quits.

Denver was more active, but not by much. It struck 120,400,000 cents, 13 million Territorial quarters and 27,440,000 Presidential dollars.

Both facilities combined to produce 321,360,000 coins to bring the year-to-date total to 2,584,540,000 coins.

Not shown in these tables was the news that the American Samoa quarter mintage totals are now the lowest in 2009.

Only 39,600,000 were struck at Denver, giving this the lowest mintage of the 2009 designs. The Philadelphia total was a bit higher at 42,600,000.

Combined the total is 82,200,000, 5,400,000 pieces fewer than the total for the Guam design.

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