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Denver Mint employee wins suit

A former Denver Mint employee was awarded $80,000 by a federal jury that reached the verdict Sept. 23 that she was the victim of harassment.

According to a story in the Denver Post, April Garcia Kass will also receive compensation for back pay, lost future earnings and attorney’s fees. That amount hasn’t been set.

Kass, who started working at the Mint in 1993 but left in March 2000, alleged that she was sent obscene e-mails and nude comics by her boss, Louis “Bud” Woodward. She also claimed that Woodward hit her as she tried to make a phone call and spit on her while during a confrontation.

In response, lawyers for the Mint painted Kass as a problem employee who missed work repeatedly.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that the jury ruled against Kass’ claims that she was treated differently from male and non-Hispanic employees and that she’d received retaliation at work for complaining about the work environment.

In a statement, Acting U.S. Mint Director David Lebryk said the Mint is committed to being “a model workplace free from discrimination, harassment and favoritism.”

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