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Denarius coins sell in Internet sale

Silver denarius by L. Buca struck in Rome for Julius Caesar as “Dictator for Life” in 44 B.C.E. The obverse shows one of the rarest and realistic Caesar lifetime portraits; the reverse features the dictator’s patron goddess, Venus. It sold for $4,465 in Heritage Auctions’ June internet sale. (Images courtesy and © www.ha.com)

The sale of the Paul Balla Collection of Roman silver denarii constituted part of Heritage Auctions’ monthly Internet sales in June. The 303 lots sold made a total of $63,371 or just over $200 apiece.

These prices realized were ruled by “the noblest Roman of them all.” A well-centered, 3.61 g silver denarius of Julius Caesar, as Dictator (c. 44 B.C.E.) took $4,465 in Numismatic Guaranty Corporation Choice VF 4/5 – 3/5.

As Heritage’s cataloger points out this coin was the first in two centuries to show the portrait of a Roman ruler. That right to do so had been granted Caesar in February 44 B.C.E. by the Roman Senate at the same time as they proclaimed him Dictator For Life. – as shown by the obverse legend DICT PERPETVO. He was assassinated March 15.

And an issue from the short-lived 65-day reign of Didius Julianus (March-May 193 C.E.) went for $1,057. It came in a well-worn and battered VG state but is extremely rare.

Prices-realized can be found at the Heritage Auctions website: www.ha.com.


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