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Demand again exceeds bullion supplies

Bullion again dominates this week’s information.

After the market grabbed 200,000 one-ounce Buffalo bullion coins, the U.S. Mint announced it was making no more. The December portion of the sales total is in a box at right. The October demand was 116,500. The November monthly sales number was 67,500.

Fractional gold 2009 American Eagle bullion coins, which went on sale for the first time Dec. 3, saw a Dec. 4 announcement that sales would be suspended until more can be made. In the meantime the number of coins sold in that initial sales burst appears in the box below.

Collectors still have the opportunity to buy the proof one-ounce gold Buffalo coins. Sales moved up by 2,348 pieces to reach 40,233. Sales of the Ultra High Relief (remember that?) came in at less than half that rate, rising by just 1,131 coins to a cumulative total of 108,207.

Proof platinum Eagles start at 7,207.

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