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Dealers look for premium quality coins

walking liberty half dollarI went shopping at a big box store for a dinner party. I was awestruck as I purchased several items where I just happen to remember what I paid four to six months ago. Of the half dozen items I focused on, I calculated that I was paying about 15 percent more. The media wonders why gold and silver have been in a 10-year bull market? I usually consider that it is not so much that they are in a bull market but the Federal Reserve Note is in a bear market.

Those of us who have not been forced to liquidate for financial reasons are very lucky that our hobby or business has increased in value. Those who have liquidated were fortunate in

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that they received good value for what they had versus other pursuits that often yield little cash returned.

There is a very active market in U.S. type coins yet there is very little indication in the market guides. Much of the activity is kept off the charts because bidders often qualify that they want PQ (premium quality), meaning on slabbed items they want the little green football CAC sticker or the infamous star or plus indication or even two of them combined. Better coins that are nice for the grade bring big premiums.

In better dated type issues the 1938-D Walker has dropped in VF. Actually it did two years ago but no one would admit it. The 1955 doubled-die cent has increased in MS-64 Red. They are very rare.

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